Saturday 21 February 2009

> Gone

It was good while it lasted but now I'm past it...
I'll miss you now and then but would I do it all again?

(Well, never say never.)

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog this time around, I hope you enjoyed it!
In case you'll miss this blog, be sure to check out the best popblogs out there:
Don't Stop the Pop!


Wednesday 18 February 2009

> V Stands for...

Velvet's album is out on March 18th. Love the cover!

Sunday 15 February 2009

> Contest Over

I am absolutely thrilled and delighted over the interest in my little contest.
ONE person entered! Therefore it was easy to choose the winner.

I will email the winner later today. (U Know Who U Are Anyway.)

Friday 13 February 2009

> Reminder

The contest will close on Sunday. Make sure you enter before then!

Sunday 8 February 2009

> Ooh! Look what U can win!

Yes! I'm lauching a contest on this awesome blog.
You have the chance to win the debut-singles from Janet Leon and Kim Fransson.
To check 'em out go to their official website.

To win (1 person wins) you must answer these questions correctly:

1. Who released the album "Baby Blue Paper"?
2. Who is Tess also known as?
3. Who is milking the cow?
4. Who saw Jimmy Dean?
5. Who released the single of the month in October?

All answers can be found in the blog!
Please e-mail me the answers at:

Ps. Everyone is allowed to enter, no matter where you live.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

> Move to a Different Sound

Teddybears - Different Sound [.m4a]
This shouldn't be my cup of tea but after hearing it at the gym time after time it gets addictive and stuck in my head. It's called 'Different Sound' and that's precisely what it is too. Is it Pop? Rock? Electro? Punk? Or all sort of genres? All I know is I love it.

Paola - Above the Candystore
Speaking of the Teddybears made me think of Paola. They once recorded the amazing "Yours to Keep" together in 2000, it became a rather big hit in Sweden. Paola released her debutalbum in 2001 and it includes many great songs, like the single "Above the Candystore" which is brilliant. You should check out her album if you're into Robyn. The album was way ahead of its time, it's the sort of music Robyn and Kleerup are having major success with NOW, seven years later.

Therese - Obsession
This is a demo that was meant for Victoria Beckham's unreleased second album. I can't really imagine Sticky Vicky singing this but it suits Therese oh-so-well, don't you think? A good song, definitely not her best, but I get Kylie and Dannii-vibes. I do wish Therese would get her album out sometime soon or at least join The Attic full-time.

That's it for today. I have something fun coming up before the weekend!! :-)

Tuesday 3 February 2009

> Mumsmums

Possible albumcover for Måns? I like it, simple and nice.
New post coming up tonight or tomorrow!