Friday, 31 October 2008

> When I'm on Radio...

Danny Saucedo - Radio (Radio Rip)
I know a lot of people who were disappointed when Danny joined E.M.D. and put his solo career on ice. I personally wasn't, 'cause I think it was the best thing that could happen. We finally got a proper boyband where each guy sings and look gorgeous. They now released the final single from their album, which means Danny can yet again focus on his solo career. Apparently the album will be out in December and the first single 'Radio' had its premiere today (I think.) All of you who loved his previous singles and album will definitely LOVE this.

Perhaps it's not the strongest single he ever released, but this will certainly be a big radio-hit and single-hit in Sweden. I really believe Danny could be the next big thing from Sweden, at least get some success like Basshunter and September. What do you think?

I might update this post later on today, if not, enjoy this and the songs in my previous post. Have a good Friday!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

> Da Capo

OK-- this is my "first" post on the blog and I will focus on a couple of comebacks and a new popstar. Exciting. Keep reading boys and girls and please leave a comment. I'm not doing this for me, but for all of you who enjoy Swedish music.

Ace of Base - Da Capo (Promo Version)
Yes! OMG yes! They're back-- Sweden's greatest popband since ABBA. Never in a million years I thought the band I've loved since 1994 would be back at last. They've made so many promises over the last couple of years and kept none basically.
The current single "Wheel of Fortune 2009" is taken from their upcoming Greatest Hits-CD/DVD-set which I recommend everyone to get. It includes two CDs with their hits and a bunch of remixes... plus the DVD including ALL their videos. Hurrah!
So... in a way WOF09 isn't exactly a proper single, a brand new single will follow next year. You can already listen to "Sparks" on YouTube, which does sound fantasic.
I won't share the remix, 'cause you can all buy it on iTunes. Instead I give you this rare version of the lovely 'Da Capo'.

Daniela - Back on Track (1 minute clip)
Let me introduce you to Daniela. The next popstar from Sweden. She already landed herself a record deal and is signed in a couple of countries. Kate Ryan's songwriting-team 2N Productions are behind most of her songs which is reason enough to get excited. She's like a mix of Kate Ryan, Da Buzz, September and Velvet. Popgasm on the way... She's not released anything yet but I'm sure we'll hear lots from her in 2009. So remember where you saw/heard her first... Check her out at


Per Gessle - Silly Really
He's back. The pop-genius - Per Gessle. He's back with a song that reminds me of the greater days with Roxette, it's got a 70s disco-feeling to it, while it still got that typical rockish Gessle-sound to it. I've decided to name this 'the single of month' 'cause I absolutely love it. I hope you will too! I'll only share this for a really short time, so get it while you can! ;-)