Saturday, 22 November 2008

> P3 Live

Every Wednesday on Swedish radio channel P3, there's a programme called P3 Live - it features one or two artists doing an exclusive live concert. You can also watch it live on their website. This week we got to hear brand new songs from the brilliant Erik Hassle and lovely acoustic versions from Agnes.

Agnes Carlsson - Release Me (P3 Live)
Yes, Agnes revealed this will be the next single from the new album "Dance Love Pop". I'm very happy with this decision. It is one of Agnes' greatest tracks and I think this song could start off a career outside Sweden.

Agnes Carlsson - Champion (P3 Live)
One of the stand-out tracks from Agnes' second album was definitely "Champion", it's also one of her best. Quite possibly THE best. If they release DLP internationally they should add this track.

Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers After I'm Dead (P3 Live)
No, it's not Art Garfunkel-- it's Erik Hassle, the latest Swedish popstar on the list. Even though his single "Hurtful" has been out for quite a while it's only been this fall when it's really been noticed and appreciated. It did fairly well on the single chart and on radio. His debut album will be out in January and if the songs he sang on P3 Live are anything to go by it shall be something to look forward to.
This song is available to listen to on Erik's MySpace.

Erik Hassle - First Time (P3 Live)

Another song that makes me long for the album. Not as brilliant as Hurtful or the song above but still very nice.

If you want to listen to the entire show or watch it click these links: (Listen) (Watch)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

> Female Voices

Pauline Kamusewu - Loving You
She's back! Well, she's actually been back for quite a while. "Loving You" was released in February this year and she released one more single since then, no album yet though. However, I'm waiting patiently for it. LY is one of my favourite singles of the year. It is terribly catchy. Please tell me you like it...

Anorah - That's You to Me
Anorah (a.k.a. Anna Nordell) is one of Sweden's finest singers, yet she's almost completely un-known to most of you. I've known Anna for several years though, I know a great talent when I hear it! She does a lot of backing vocals and demo-singing for other artists too. Anyway, I'm hoping she will get her breakthrough as Anorah very soon 'cause she bloody deserves it! "That's You to Me" is a song from her digitally released album (don't know where you can purchase it from ATM.) It's wicked.

Sofia Loell - On & On
I think I introduced everyone to Sofia on my previous blog, you may have the song "War of Life" if you kept all the brilliant songs me and Chris posted. So, here's another brilliant song from Sofia. It's available on her latest CD "Where I Belong", which also includes WOF and 11 other brilliant songs. I just love this sort of music... simple and beautiful.

Please. Let. Me. Know. What. You. Think. Of. The. Songs.
...or I might as well call it a day!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

> Where Did They Go?

Shimoli - Damned
This is Shimoli, a singer who debuted back in 2000 with the single "Damned." Since then, it's been rather quiet around her. I assume she was dropped for some reason. However, it doesn't take away the fact that I think she was brilliant. "Damned" still sounds bloody good and fresh, she could easily re-release this today. It's very acoustic and laid-back.

Fudge - Queen of the Hill
I barely know anything about this band. All I know is they did a sort of documentary on TV (ten years ago or so) about their way to stardom.. which never happened unfortunately. BUT the amazing singer is obviously destined for something bigger... :) Oh yes, do you recognise the voice? You might... you might not. I know someone will. :) I'll post a pic of the band later on, have to scan it. Overall, it's a pretty good rock-song.

Josefine Garline - The Young Generation
This is something for all of you who love old-school-Cheiron-sounding-pop. Josefine may not be the most amazing singer but the song is really catchy and was a minor hit in Sweden and Finland back in 2001-2003. Unfortunately big things never happened anywhere and Garline is no-where to be seen these days. She worked with some great Swedish producers though, if you're interested in the album.

This is it for now... Will do another one of these very soon.

Monday, 10 November 2008

> Another Winter Night

Sanna, Shirley & Sonja - Another Winter Night
In case you didn't know-- the three S:es will release a christmas album in a couple of weeks and this is the first single from the CD. It's actually brand new as well. It's not that christmassy, it's more of a Sonja-ballad with some bells and yeah... you know. Quite lovely actually, I'd prefer if they sang in Swedish however.

Sebastian Karlsson - Serial Lovers
I can honestly say I was never a big fan of Sebastian. He always came across as very *can't find the word but someone who thinks he's better than everyone else* in Idol, but I have to admit some of his singles were more than OK. This is taken from his upcoming album and it actually makes me a bit excited. It sounds like a Sebastianized version of Melody Club (correct me if you don't agree!) There's just something I really like about this... Do you?

That was two very different songs for today and I hope you enjoyed at least one of them! I'll update more this week, I promise. :)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

> Milking the Cow

She's at it again... September's releasing yet another compilation-sort-of-CD with the best from In Orbit and Dancing Shoes. This time the album's called "Gold (International Album Ed.) and is one to get even if you own all the albums. Mainly because it'll include a new version of "Because I Love You" and bonus tracks/videos. Check out the tracklist below!

01: Cry for You
02: Because I Love You (JVD Radio Edit)
03: Can't Get Over
04: Candy Love
05: R.I.P.
06: Looking for Love
07: Satellites
08: Flowers on the Grave
09: It Doesn't Matter
10: Sacrifice
11: Sad Song
12: Freaking Out
13: Taboo
14: Midnight Heartache
15: Until I Die
16: End of the Rainbow
17: Because I Love You (Jazzy Candlelight Version)
18: Cry for You (Candlelight Remix)
19: Satellites (Live Acoustic Version)
20: Cry for You (Video)
21: Cry for You (Live Acoustic Version for UK TV)

So what do we think? Will this be September's UK album debut? Out on November 26th in Sweden, will keep you posted when/if I find other release dates.

Petra, if you're reading this, get your arse back in the studio and start working on new material. Unless you want Gathania taking over your place...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

> Today I've seen Jimmy Dean!

Yes! Today you're getting some fabulous pop from the 80s. We had many amazing acts in the 80s that sadly never really made it big anywhere but in Sweden... so trust me when I say there's a lot to discover and enjoy.

Secret Service - I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (So in Love with You)
Secret Service were a Swedish synth-pop band in the 80s. You could call them the BWO of the 80s or the Swedish version of A-ha (without the gorgeous singer.) Some of Sweden's best songwriters were behind their hits, including Alexander Bard (if you don't know him, shame on you!) He actually wrote this track and I'd love if BWO covered this for their next album. I think they could make a brilliant version of it.

Troll - Jimmy Dean
Yet another AMAZING hit from Mr Bard. It's incredibly catchy and it'll put a smile on your face and leave you humming and singing this all day. The group Troll didn't last very long and only released two albums, this was their biggest hit. Nanananananana...

Katz - Loving You Is All I Know
This is one group I seriously know nothing about. All I know is this song is brilliant and was later covered by Lili & Susie (will do a special on L&S sometime soon.) Unfortunately I don't have this song in mp3, so the YouTube will have to do for now.