Saturday, 21 February 2009

> Gone

It was good while it lasted but now I'm past it...
I'll miss you now and then but would I do it all again?

(Well, never say never.)

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog this time around, I hope you enjoyed it!
In case you'll miss this blog, be sure to check out the best popblogs out there:
Don't Stop the Pop!



Poster Girl said...

Oh, Alexander...

In times like this, emoticons are necessary.


Any day, any year you feel like blogging again, I'm there.

Robpop said...

Double :-(

Alexander, CatchySoundsOfSweden and its daughter-blog, S.O.S Revival are/were great great gems in the pop blog realm.

Completely and utterly original...

if you ever want to return to blogging, I (and as PPG says)...well, we will be there championing for you and listening to any advice you have to give.

U star!

wolf76 said...

Hey mate,

Just wanted to say a big thanks. I don't go on blogs everyday, but I would always check yours out. You gave me access to some great Swedish stuff that I couldn't get anywhere else. Thank you very much for that!

It was also great hearing about some of the music you liked and listened to!

Will miss reading about it. As the others said, if you ever return - we will be there to welcome it with open arms! I'll keep this site in my favorites, but if you get a new URL then pls post the address on this site too!

Cheers (hej dor!)