Tuesday, 3 February 2009

> Mumsmums

Possible albumcover for Måns? I like it, simple and nice.
New post coming up tonight or tomorrow!

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Poster Girl said...

I started thinking last night, "PG, you're getting really pathetic" after getting way too excited about the Schlagerboys' latest Måns post. I started thinking that he really wasn't as worth getting worked up about as I'd built up in my head, figured I'd try to calm down, see if I could prepare myself for the inevitable backlash.

Then, today, I listened to "Cara Mia," "Brother Oh Brother," and "I Can Be Your Friend" again and felt my heart swell up. "Cara Mia" really is that good, and I guess I really am that pathetic--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So anyways, new photography and possible new album cover news is always welcome by me (I'm not madly in love with the cover pose, but my mind could easily change)--thanks for it! Only a few more days until the new site! And the fact that Oswalds Popcorn has even heard "Impossible" from the new album has me even more excited.