Sunday, 1 February 2009

> Sheri

Check out this new Swedish popstar on MySpace. "Hit and Run" is released in February and with a big budget they will launch Sheri all over the world this year. I hope they succeed, because I really like the single. It's catchy, modern and perhaps a bit unexpected from Sweden? What do you think? Perhaps not the most original singer, but who cares?
She's gorgeous.


Poster Girl said...

Alex, I LOVE this! It is in a common style now, but I actually like it a lot more than similar songs. It seems familiar somehow, though, especially in the backing vocal "na na na na na you must be crazy" part. How can that be? This is going to drive me crazy. And I wasn't surprised at all to see Andreas Carlsson had co-written it, as if I kind of subconsciously associated him with it already.

It's totally lovely and does what a lot of songs are trying to do much better than they do it. I'm going to go recommend this to people in "real life" ;)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, that's it, it was previewed in that Expressen article! I'd completely forgotten about it. It comes across so much better in full to me, though that makes no sense.